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"Teaching is not transferring knowledge;
it is creating the possibilities of its own production or construction.
Who teaches, learns by teaching and who learns, teaches by learning

(Paulo Freire)

Recycled Circus emerges in 2012 with the aim of raising awareness about the care of environment, the re-use of recyclable materials and waste recycling.
Since then, and up to now, the company has presented educational shows, animations and workshops at schools, kindergartens, theatres, festivals and responsible consumer markets in New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia and Spain.
RecYcled Staff
The recycled team is formed by circus artists, teachers and environmentalists .A mixture of art and consciousness joined to generate a positive change.


Diego Brailovsky

Recycled Circus

Carolina Crevecoeur

Recycled Circus Pedagogical Coordination

Marius Dince

100% Juggler

Diego Elmo



Clown and Entertainer


Clown and Entertainer

Chivi Garcia

Clown and Entertainer

Ale Al


Edu A. Martinez

Juggler and Acrobat


Entertainer, Clown, Juggler

Fede Ramón

Entertainer, Clown, Juggler

Eli Valdéz

Realizations and

Lautaro Maggi

Player, musician and

Marce Mendoza

Clown and


We want to be THE artistic company of reference for the environmental education, through aesthetic quality shows and powerful pedagogical contents.
We wish to be well-known as protagonists in the change towards sustainable development.


We offer educational circus shows and playful activities, we suggest a collective awakening of ecological consciousness.
Through the art we seek the desire of taking care of the environment, understanding that Earth is our unique home.

With the support of “ABUELA NATURALEZA“ (Grandma Nature)

The nonprofit organization Abuela Naturaleza works with urban collectors who gather, classify and store recyclable materials. At the same time ,it accomplishes in investigation tasks and the development for the purposing of re-use recyclable materials, taking care of the needs of the people in their different stages, since childhood to adulthood, recovering values for an inclusive and sustainable life. Since 2014, we work with Abuela Naturaleza in programs to increase sensitivity in schools and in public areas.

Recycled Circus Coordinator
Diego Brailovsky
(011) 15.5878.1273
We are in Abasto, CABA

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