Preparing the Circus...

"We believe in the circus as a tool for social transformation, it is a teaching-learning process in which creativity and psychological skills are stimulated to generate changes at personal and community levels"

(Carolina Crevecoeur)

Educational projects
We offer training in environmental education, re-use and garbage recycling, personal care, healthy food and other issues of social interest. We perform shows and workshops with high educational content for kindergartens, elementary schools, corporates and public spaces.
The shows and workshops we carry out are designed by artists and pedagogues. We think and plan activities that allow a continuity of work, to be able to deepen in the subjects that we approach. Through our projects we aim:

ENCOURAGE Creativity and imagination
PROMOTE Collaboration and participation in environmental care
FAVOUR The personal relationships
STRENGTHEN Self- esteem

Recycled Circus Coordinator
Diego Brailovsky
(011) 15.5878.1273
We are in Abasto, CABA

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